Palay Law Firm is a leader in the field of representing truck drivers known as “owner operators.”  By and large, most trucking companies in California are illegally classifying their owner-operator truck drivers as independent contractors.  These trucking companies are essentially transferring their expenses like fuel, insurance, maintenance, wear and tear, tolls, tires, and more onto their employees.  But California law prohibits employers from making their employees pay for business expenses that are part and parcel of the performance of their job.

The misclassification of truck driver owner-operators as independent contractors is illegal. Palay Law Firm has represented many such misclassified owner operators, recovering hundreds of thousands of dollars for its clients (sometimes hundreds of thousands per each individual).  Learn more about owner operator misclassification cases on our site.  We hope that the information here will help you determine if you are misclassified as an independent contractor and, if so, what you can do about it.

Information about Truck Driver Owner Operator Misclassification Cases

Truck Driver Owner Operator Misclassification News

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