Anonymous, Orange County, California:

I hired Palay Law Firm* to represent me in a claim for unreimbursed mileage. I had previously tried negotiating directly with my employer to recover the amount I felt was owed, but my negotiations went nowhere. Mike Strauss took over the negotiations for me and within a few weeks I got everything I tried getting on my own. I never met with Mike or anyone else from Palay Law Firm, but we communicated frequently by phone and email. I was very pleased with my experience with Palay Law Firm and would recommend them to anyone looking to collect on a mileage reimbursement case.

Mikko, Los Angeles, California:

I hired Mike Strauss for vacation wage claim I had against with my previous employer. Before that I tried to get money through Labor Board without any luck. From day one service and the whole process was very smooth and thanks to Mike I got every penny of what was owed before I even realized. Superb service and result!

Dustin, Ventura, California:

I employed Mike Strauss for an overtime wage claim. I dealt directly with Mike, and the process was very comfortable. Within a month Mike had an agreement signed by the opposition. We settled out of court shortly thereafter. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of legal counsel. I got the settlement I needed fast thanks to Mike!

Tracy, Sonora, California:

When I first realized I had wage claim against my former employer, I had no idea where to start. California wage laws are exceedingly confusing. The first lawyer I called spoke to me for less then five minutes, treated me like I had no idea what I was talking about, and then referred me to the Labor Commissioner. I knew my case was bigger than that, but this treatment naturally made me hesitant to contact anyone else. I decided to contact Mike Strauss after visiting his website. Mike called me back the next day. Not only did he listen to me, he took the time to talk me in a straightforward and honest manner throughout the whole process. He also recognized the uniqueness of my case, and worked to tailor the final settlement to reflect that. My impression is that such kindness and honesty are unusual in the legal profession. It would be my pleasure to recommend Mike to anyone else who is unfamiliar with the legal system.

* Strauss & Strauss, APC was formerly incorporated as Palay Law Firm, APC.