When Does Reporting Time Pay Not Apply?

There are several circumstances for which reporting time pay doesn’t apply even if an employee reports to work and is sent home having worked less than half of their normal shift. No reporting time pay is paid in the following situations:

Operations can’t begin due to threats to the property or to the employees
Local or government authorities recommend that an employer shouldn’t allow work to happen
Public utilities such as water, gas, electricity or sewer system fail
Work operations are interrupted due to a natural disaster or other events out of the employer’s control
The employee is unfit to work
The employee is late to work and as a result is sent home or fired
There’s an unexpected incident that prevents an employer from opening the business and the employer made a serious effort to notify the employees to not show up

In California, if you show up for work and were sent home or worked less than half your scheduled work day, and none of the above circumstances occurred, you must be paid reporting time pay. If you do not receive reporting time pay, you may want to file a reporting time pay wage claim in CA.


Joe showed up to work and his employer sent him home because there was a sewage leak. Although Joe was supposed to work an 8-hour shift, he only worked for an hour. In this case, Joe is not entitled to reporting time pay because there was an uncontrollable circumstance, failure of public utilities, that prevented him from working. If Joe was sent home due to a scheduling conflict and not a situation such as a sewage leak, he would be entitled to reporting time pay and may file a reporting time pay wage claim in California.

If you have a question about California reporting time pay law or want to file a reporting time pay wage claim in California, contact Strauss & Strauss APC now.

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