We handle many hostile work environment cases. Hostile work environments can exist when there is discrimination and/or harassment on the basis of an employee’s sex, religion, race, ethnicity, sexual preference, disability, and more. Strauss & Strauss, APC has been handling hostile work environment cases for over ten years.

Examples of hostile work environment cases include:

  • Sexually hostile work environment: Employer played pornographic videos at work and forced employees to watch;
  • Sexually hostile work environment: Supervisor exposed himself to employee on a regular basis despite employee’s complaints to management;
  • Racially hostile work environment: Coworkers used racial epithets when talking to African-American employee and made racially insensitive jokes on a regular basis;
  • Sexually hostile work environment: Office worker in medical office subjected to sexually suggestive behavior and comments from coworkers and male boss, including rubbing himself on worker on numerous occasions.
  • Sexually hostile work environment: Employer forced employee to drink on the job in order to loosen her up, visit him at his house after work, submit to touching on legs, and more.

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