Employer Does Not Pay Reporting Time Pay

What should I do if I am not paid reporting time pay by my employer?

In California, if you are owed reporting time pay and your employer doesn’t pay you, you may file a reporting time pay wage claim with the Labor Commissioner’s Office. To recover your reporting time pay, you may also file a lawsuit against your employer in court.


Joe believes that he is owed reporting time pay, yet his employer has not paid him reporting time pay. On several occasions, Joe has showed up for his normal 8-hour shift and has been sent home after he worked less than half of his shift due to over-scheduling by his employer. For those days, Joe was not paid reporting time pay. Even though Joe only worked for a couple of hours on those days, he is entitled to reporting time pay for half of his normal shift. To recover his reporting time pay, Joe may file a reporting time pay wage claim in California with the Labor Commissioner’s Office. He may also contact a lawyer to help him file suit in court against his employer to recover his reporting time pay.

If you have a question about California reporting time pay law or want to file a reporting time pay wage claim in California, contact Strauss & Strauss APC now.

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